Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This ridiculous dog...

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Grew up to be Zephyr.

These photos were taken shortly after she fell from a truck on the highway outside of Zephyrhills.

Someone picked her up, took her to the vet and then placed her with a rottie rescue woman--Pam Houmere--who happened to be at the Humane Society when they stopped in.

Zephyr climbed into my lap at a booksigning for "Dog Culture," and you can read the rest of her story in the chapter "Endings and Beginnings."


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Zephyr as well as Brando and Sula had a happy ending to their not-very-good beginning of their lives. I enjoyed reading the entire book and finished it in less than 2 week! I now have a much better understanding of pit bulls and Rottis. I used to voluteer at a local shelter in Maine and have actually met some wonderful pits and Rottis (and enjoyed walking them). I also encountered some scary ones who I stayed away from. But as you pointed out, it could be because of their beginnings or the fact that they are locked up and have no idea why. Thank you Ken for all you have done. You have been so much to so many. God bless you. Alyssa

Yudiana said...

You've changed my mind about rottweiler and pits. Although I don't own one. Mine are goldie and 2 cute adopted mongrels. I love your book, finished all of them in less than 3 hours. Thanks for saving all of these stray pups. God Bless You!