Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Julia's Rescue--from the chapter "Wonder When You'll Miss Me"

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In March 2003, I drove from Tallahassee to New Orleans to get to transport a rotweiller. Julia Lane, who does rescue work with German Shepherds, had found the dog at a local shelter, so emasciated, balding, that at first people didn't recognize her breed.

Julia put her in foster care with some friends temporarily and by the time I arrived to pick her up, they had decided that the last thing she needed was a long drive to Tallahassee. The dog stayed. I went home alone, and along the way I found Biloxi.


Beppe said...

very nice dog!!!!

Julia Lane said...

Hey Ken,

Seeing Cassie's photo brings back such bittersweet memories. She was fostered by my good friend, Missy, and her husband Camille, who plays with The Radiators. I named her Cassie by combining their names, as a tribute to their love and care for her.

When I first saw Cassie at the LA/SPCA, I was evaluating a German shepherd. I passed by her kennel several times before deciding I had to take her out. The paperwork said she was going to be euthanized because she was so ill. With limited funds, the shelter often could not afford to help every dog that needed their attention. Between the severe weight loss, heartworms, mange, and entropion (her eyes were full of goo because her eyelids had no fat and had rolled inward), Cassie most likely wouldn't make it even if a generous donor and foster home could be found. It didn't help that she was a Rottweiler, which were fairly common at this urban shelter and no one wants big, black dogs no matter the breed.

And yet, when I brought her out of the kennel, she had a happy grin on her face and that little hairless, bony stump of a tail didn't stop wagging. Despite all the odds against her, Cassie was full of life.

After being pampered and plumped up by Missy & Camille, we found an adoptive home with Missy's good friend, Stuart. They were a perfect match and once Cassie settled in, we started her heartworm treatment.

Sadly, Cassie did not survive the treatment. We were all devastated and for a long time, I was very angry that her previous owners never gave her Heartgard. She had brought so much joy to so many people that she deserved to live a long, long life.

Stuart took Cassie's death especially hard because he had fallen in love with this beautiful dog only to have her taken away a few months later.

Even though it was far too brief, at least Cassie received the love, attention and security every dog deserves.

Thanks, Ken, for including Cassie in your book. I will never forget her.