Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Everybody asks about Valentino

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This 85 pound pit bull was loitering at a gas station on Valentine's Day, 2004.

You can read part of his story here.


K8 said...

I have wondered about Valentino. He's absolutely beautiful. Is there anything like a Pitt?

mpetva said...

I read the part you posted about finding Valentino and then leaving him at th LASPCA and your visit to him after the Barkus Parade.

Yhough I will try to find your book and read it, I am so worried that Valentino did not make it out of the shelter??? Please tell me he is safe?????? Please??!!


kfoz said...

Yes. There were some complications...but he found a home.

Anonymous said...

What kind of complications did he encounter??? Is he happy in his home? Alyssa

Susie said...

Oh I loved the story of Valentino (or Tino as he's now known)...what a beautiful dog.

Anime Freak said...

I read the book and he sounded like a perfect dog and he's so gorgeous!!!